The Hеmphilia® brand has become the embodiment of the philosophy of authentic life — we promote a healthy and natural lifestyle that brings us closer to the vitality and power of nature. Hеmphilia® vision that is inspired by wisdom and diversity of the botanical world encourages us to create bold ideas, enhance beauty and well-being, and strengthen the foundation for long-term positive changes. Since 1996 we have studied the composition and efficacy of various raw natural materials in our own Frada research and development labs. All Hеmphilia® products are manufactured exclusively in Frada factories in Italy. Endorsing the Hеmphilia® philosophy, we offer a wide range of hemp-based products for beauty and wellness.

Nature & Features

Hemphilia is pure beauty from the wisdom of nature and science. Gentle cosmetic formulas for special in-depth skin health care for eco-friendly and nature-loved personality.

“Beauty does not just reveal itself on the surface, but also in science, in change, in energy and certainly in nature. Everything that is alive and positive is pure beauty. The soul of evolution that lives in plants, is true poetry for those who have a sense of it. Their superb vitality, proven effectiveness and their great healing power, which we are rediscovering thanks to the passion of well-known personalities, serve the union of nature and science: Here is true, great beauty, which also transforms matter. HEMPHILIA® has its origins here, in a harmonious balance of science, Nature and passion; a distillate of the essence that flows from the source of life. That’s what I call art. The art of well-being.” /Francesco Dal Zio